Ocean Spa – Professional Pedicure

Skin presents the mirror of our age, and if it is dry and chapped, it has lost its function. Ocean Spa pedicure collection is perfect solution for the recovery of foot skin function.

  • Ocean Spa pedicure peelings deeply remove impurity, dead and rough skin parts.
  • Combination of active components (sea salt, Cacao butter, Shea butter, argan oil, herbal extracts) in peelings provides detoxification, reduces swelling and regenerates foot skin.
  • Ocean Spa Foot masks present the unique combination of active herbal components, urea and clay for fast regeneration of foot skin.
  • Due to gentle cryo effect, the masks cool down and soothe surface of the skin whereas they cause thermal effect within the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in speeding up the cell metabolism and higher vascularization and exchange of substances, providing maximum effect of the mask bioactive components.
  • The masks instantly regenerate and recover foot skin.

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