Cavicell L-Carnitine Collection

Advanced and completely innovative Renergiques Anti-Cellulite & Cavicell (Slimming) Concept is based on the new generation powerful products that shape the body making it fresh, tightened and free from cellulite and fat deposits.
The key to successful elimination of fat deposits and cellulite lies in the genuine combination of phyto-aromatherapy complex and smart molecules that aim for fat deposit burning with simultaneous elimination of excessive liquids and toxins from the body. With Renergiques Anticellulite & Cavicell (Slimming) Concept, you become the unique creator fulfilling dreams for the clients.

  • Cavicell L-Carnitine Collection

    Cavicell products contain highly active components with strong metabolic and detox effects leading to fast burning and elimination of fat deposits and cellulite as well as to skin tightening.

  • Anticellulite Phytoaromatherapy Collection

    Anticellulite Phytoaromatherapy Collection which, due to exceptional phyto-aromatherapy complex and thermal cryo effect, helps the elimination and decomposition of gelatin-like contents of cellulite from capsules within the subcutaneous layer, and shapes the body.

  • Anticellulite Collection Care at Home

    Cavicell 1 and Cavicell 2 shape the body, tighten and tone the skin with highly active herbal substances (ivy, juniperus, birch, chestnut, green tea, ginkgo biloba and artichoke) and L-Carnitine. Regular use results in the size and cellulite reduction with simultaneous skin tonus increase.

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