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Face Treatment

Anti Age Treatments

  • BTX-Like

    BTX-like professional treatment is a treatment with the unique BLISS effect providing fast results of enhancing the face, neck and décolleté skin structure. Proven results after the very first treatment.

  • Caviar Elixir

    Specially designed Anti-Age treatment for rejuvenation of facial skin and enhancement of its structure. Caviar – natural jewel contains fatty acid, amino acid, mineral salts, vitamins B, Zn, Fe.

  • Argan Gold

    Combination of tradition and contemporary science present the main part of the Argan Gold Anti-Age treatment for rejuvenation and increased resistance of the facial skin. Due to its powerful content, the skin cells evenly regenerates and rejuvenates after the first treatment.

  • Hyalift Hyaluron

    Luxurious Hyalift Anti-Age treatment is specially designed facial skin rejuvenation treatment which, due to double active hyaluronic acid, visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles and rough areas on the skin.

  • Time Lift Q10

    Specially designed treatment for initial signs of slack skin and wrinkles. It directly affects enhancement of skin structure and prevents its further decay influenced by external harmful agents.

  • Exotic Cocktail

  • Energy Vitality for Men

    Perfect treatment that immediately restores energy, freshness and flexibility to tired and stress affected facial skin. This unique cocktail efficiently and quickly recovers all vital functions od skin cells, preventing the skin aging.

  • Vinergie

    Specially designed treatment based on grape and sea algae is the rich source of flavonoids and anthocyanins, vitamins and oligominerals preventing skin aging and providing strong protection from harmful external effects.

  • Fruit Anti Age

    Perfect treatment for removing initial signs of facial skin aging. Sea algae cocktail and red grapefruit provide proper action of skin cell vital functions. There is simultaneous antioxidative effect preventing the skin aging process.

New Look - Biological Treatment

  • Magic Hydration

    Magic power of algae stimulates the cell metabolism and boosts the skin’s immune system. This normalizes operation of the skin cell vital functions and recovers hydrolipidic balance.

  • Anti-stress

    Anti-Stress treatment is specially designed for revitalization and recovery of the skin affected by stress and harmful external factors. ASF100 Anti-stress factor with 24hr effect prevents each skin oxidation process.

  • Espresso remodeling

    Magic power of theobromine, polyphenol and caffeine contained in green coffee from Columbia efficiently heals swelling resulting in less swollen facial skin.

  • Sense of Comfort

    Comfort is specially designed treatment with shea butter, collagen and herbal complex restoring natural flexibility, softness and comfort to sensitive and dry facial skin.

  • Biowhite Brightening

    Biowhite treatment is specially designed high technology treatment where biologically active components are derived from algae and i diatomaceous earth (fossilized remains of diatoms)

  • NEW! Enzymatic Treatment

    With natural enzymes of papaya and pineapple, peeling treatment provides fast and thorough dead cell removal as well as proper action and nutrition for the new skin cells.

  • Hydracure Sebo Control

    Specially designed Hydracure Sebo Control treatment rapidly and efficiently regulates the sebum secretion, and relaxes, hydrates and regenerates problematic acne-prone skin.

  • Scar-mark

    Scar Mark professional treatment is designed for treating hypertrophic scars and normalizing facial skin sebaceous gland function. The treatment is designed for all types of skin with scars and rough areas.


  • Milk and Toner

    The new unique formula provides prolonged hydration and elasticity of facial skin. It soothes inflammated skin. It deeply cleans impurity and regulates pH value of facial skin.

  • Peeling and Face Massage Cream

    Specially designed treatment completely removes dead cell from the skin surface and provides normal regeneration of new cells. It uniforms the complexion and makes the skin satin-like soft.

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